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Proactively book your open dates by searching for couples that match your business’ design expertise.

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Couples Find You

Couples will invite you to submit a proposal for their wedding on your open dates. Look at the couple’s request and profile and see if this is an event that matches the business you are looking for.

You Find Couples

Search for couples who are looking for vendors like you on your open dates and ask to be invited to submit a proposal.

Submit Proposals

Submit proposals for your work to a couple’s request. You can also see what other vendor’s proposals are for the same event. Want to edit your proposal after seeing what others have entered, not a problem as you can always edit your proposal to the couple.

Here at Simply Proposed we want you to book dates that would otherwise go unbooked. Search for couples getting married on your open dates.

Want to sweeten the deal? Offer 2 hours of coverage at no charge, a congratulatory bottle of champagne, a complimentary floral crown for their engagements or 10% off the proposed price.

You control your business, we are just here to help you book events faster and simpler with couples who you can’t wait to work with!