Simply Proposed was born of our vision for simplifying the wedding planning process. As newlyweds ourselves and owners of a wedding venue serving Minneapolis-St. Paul and Western Wisconsin, we have unique insight into the ins and outs of the wedding industry—and specifically, how to make it work better for both couples and vendors.

When we were planning our wedding in 2012, we felt exhausted trying to keep all our event details straight. Reaching out to countless vendors, keeping track of who offered what, and comparing proposals to find the best value took the fun out of planning our big day.

Now as owners of a wedding venue and on the other side of the industry, we struggle with where and when to advertise, fielding calls and emails for dates we’ve already booked, and the agony of watching an unbooked summer date come and go, wishing we could have filled that slot with a giddy bride and groom. There has to be a better way to do this, we thought. Turns out, there is.

Here at Simply Proposed, we help both couples and vendors simplify the process of wedding planning. Our goal is to pair the right couple with the right vendor, where vision, style and budget are aligned. We know firsthand the most successful weddings are the ones where everyone is on the same page from the start.

Simply Proposed will transform the wedding industry. Couples, you immediately get insight on who is available for your big day. All your event information is stored in one place on the website—no more keeping track of hundreds of emails or updating a complicated spreadsheet.

And vendors, you’re in for a real treat! The Simply Proposed website will change everything about the way you do business. Proactively book your open dates and gather valuable wedding information that will help you reach your annual goals. Target your ads to your ideal audience, be as busy as you want to be, and work with amazing couples who appreciate your unique style. As a vendor, does it get any better?

Couples and vendors, we hope you enjoy the Simply Proposed experienced!